Fresh Cordon Rouge Is a gift for Champagne Lovers

Cordon Rouge champagne is an amazing beverage which satisfies your palate with fruity flavour of citrus, is an unparallel brand in the world to celebrate special occasions or memorable events. It is known for its classic flavour and maintenance of consistency in taste. You could celebrate Christmas; gifting decorated box of fabulous Champagne to your friends which would be a festive favourite. The box encourages spending quality time together with champagne lovers.

The Fresh Cordon Rouge is made of wooden box in white lacquer, which could accommodate a champagne saber and isothermal case that assists in keeping the drink fresh for two hours. The case is designed by Patrick Jouin for GH Mumm.  The newly launched set is of limited edition of ten copies for its customers, called G.H.Mumm Ritual Box which consists of a bucket for champagne, half a dozen of spoons, forks, plates and glasses along with red leather cushions and chandeliers. It is priced at $6,658., and accessible in Paris, Bordeaux, and Marseille.

The vineyard’s finesse and superior quality reflected in Mumm Cordon Rouge. Always the decoration is the characteristic feature of world famous champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge. The lively rising foam forms a flow of abundant bubbles with the citrus aroma, having the notes of apricot, apple and white peach. It consists of lingering notes of honey, vanilla and dried fruits. The knowhow of Mumm champagne house is well structured. Mumm Cordon Rouge has the blend of twenty five percent of Pinot Meunier, thirty percent of Chardonnay and forty five percent of Pinot Noir, and; to give fresh fragrance.
















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