Formula Rossa Rollercoaster Is the Star Attraction at Ferrari World Theme Park

A joint venture between the Italian carmaker and one the richest states in the world, Abu Dhabi has resulted in the opening of Ferrari World Theme Park. With protective goggles and strap fastened to the Formula Rossa rollercoaster, you might be tempted to go ahead, and the fear soon turns into an adrenalin rush. Disregarding your resistance, the standstill rollercoaster suddenly accelerates with a violent twist, 60mph in 2secs. The ride will reach its top speed of 150mph only in 4.9 secs with louder screams of the riders which existed right from the beginning.

The aim of Abu Dhabi is to transform the state into a hub of high-end tourism with several attractive programmes. By the end of 2012, thanks to its ambitious projects, Abu Dhabi expects to reach the target of 2.3m by developing tourism. The major attraction is the fastest rollercoaster, which is the signature ride of the Ferrari world.

At a distance, the crimson rooftop canopy of the 200,000 sq can be seen. During the Gulf summer, this canopy makes sure the temperature remains comfortable. Around the park you can see the Ferrari cars and horse logos which leave you confused. Even if you are not an enthusiastic admirer of cars you will enjoy the theme park. The children and youngsters enjoy the “Junior” rides and training camp for the beginner riders. As the park’s finishing work is yet to complete, many of the rides are not functional. So just you wait!

Via: FT

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