Ford’s Evos to Be Debuted at Frankfurt Motor Show

Ford’s Evos, the future concept form will be debuted in Frankfurt’s motor show which will take place in September; the production of stunning conceptualized car with latest language of design will be launched in 2012. Germany designed compact car has sports-car cues, is built in Italy.

The Evos concept is a collection of each technology of Ford, with creative vision that would become a part of your life.  The Evos is powered by a set of lithium-ion batteries store allowing operating the vehicle as electric vehicle, features information screens, plug-in hybrid with four gull-wing doors, tiny headlights and high-mounted grille. The cloud-optimized powertrain with switch off mode depends on whether conditions.

It connects online services and drivers calendars with automotive system which will be tailored to the necessities of each individual. If you are listening to a song at home it would continue after you get into the car. Your fixed timings will be pre-warned, or if your meeting is cancelled on calendar, you could reset it with alarm clock. In low emission zone, it will maximize automatically its electric drive.  In mountainous roads, throttle response of the car automatically increased and suspension will be stiffened.  Interior will be allergy free, as well as heating or cooling temperature system which would be ideal before you get into the car.

The future car will be incorporated with slit headlights, geometric forms, and even a video of Evos concept that would fit in your life.

Via: Uncrate

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