Forbes Lifestyle Invites Lauren Conrad to Document Her Journey to the Top

Lauren Conrad could be called a role model for those who would like to convert their celebrity status into a sustainable brand that could be exploited commercially over a longer period of time. She is a rare breed of reality celebrity as she neither sings nor dances. She doesn’t even try to bowl us over with a splashy personality. So how has she made a place for herself right up there with 1.8 million Twitter followers, screaming crowds that mob her and the effortless ease with which she makes it to innumerable magazine covers.

The simplest explanation is that she looks real, almost like one of us. We have watched her on MTV Laguna Beach breaking up with cheating boyfriends and generally navigate the travails of high school. Then came The Hills where Lauren moved to LA and we followed her through internships, college heartbreak and best-friend drama. Now she wants to corporatize the whole thing and has already been invited by Forbes Lifestyle to document the journey. It seems incredible but the 25 year old all American beauty is running two fashion lines, two websites and a successful novel series.

There have been many instances of a celebrity leveraging his or her status to turn into a successful entrepreneur. At the moment Lauren is a commercially viable name but only time will tell if she can convert it to an enduring commercial tour de force. She has, no doubt, made a good beginning. LC Lauren Conrad, an exclusive women’s apparel line for Kohl’s, has burgeoned from placement in 300 stores to 1,000 in one year. Paper Crown, a specialty clothing line will be launched this summer and the response from the luxury retail has been very positive. Now Lauren is set to takes us through the workings of the fashion business and a celebrity website and the publishing industry. She might give some beauty and style tips on the way.

Via: blogs.forbes

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