Flamboyance Rules In Kerin Rose’s A-Morir Collection Of Eye Wear

Lady Gaga wears Kerin Rose. Only last week, the singer generated tremendous buzz over the Internet when she was spotted wearing Kerin Rose’s A-Morir custom-designed Supreme hoodie. Just as Lady Gaga is flamboyant and quirky in her ways, so too is the designer. And Kerin Rose is offering fans and enthusiasts a sneak peek into her latest collection of glares. This is couture eye wear at its best.

To expect a line of very similar looking glares would be a mistake. On the contrary, the latest collection from Kerin Rose gives you plenty to choose from. If flashy is your game, you could try on the Kaoma style, which is crafted out of 24-karat gold crystals. If you prefer something more edgy and maybe a little Goth, try Lizzy, which uses real skull bones and feathers. If fur ranks high on your luxury fashion list, you could find a Supreme style glare that is trimmed with real mink. And this is just the start.

Interestingly, every piece in Kerin Rose’s new couture eye wear collection has been crafted by hand. But you should not be looking here for subtle designs. There is nothing subtle about Kerin Rose’s A-Morir collections. Rather, it is all about grabbing people’s attention by being turned out like a glamour queen.

A visit to the A-Morir website should put things in perspective. The site proclaims “there’s nothing here for you”, and goes on to qualify that by saying, “unless you want to break necks and drop jaws”. These glares are not about practicality; they are all about flamboyance.


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