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Shawish Unveils the First Single Diamond Ring in the World

Shawish the Swiss diamond jewelry manufacturers have made history by presenting one of the most expensive all-diamond rings. The first diamond ring in the world ever created from a single diamond piece is first of its kind with an innovation and technological skill par excellence in the art of diamond cutting. It is a benchmark design in diamond industry and London was selected to present the exclusive ring before a selected audience including celebrity VIPs, buyers and press.

The 150-carat diamond ring is anticipated to sell for $70 million. Shawish epitomizes artistic natural ability and technical skills and establishes the company’s supremacy over diamond industry. Special lasers have been used in cutting diamond which ensures that the diamond particles are integral in nature. The ring shows its charming details in three hundred and sixty degrees. If anybody proposes with the single faceted diamond ring, breaking up of engagement or marriage may quite not happen! For the brothers of Shawish Jewelry in Geneva, the unveiling of ring must be a dream come true. In an exclusive event at Il Bottaccio in London the amazing jewel was unveiled, showing its captivating development from sketch to final design. Creating a whole diamond ring is a very challenging project.

According to the CEO of company, Mohamed Shawesh, diamonds seem to have a unique molecular structure where a delicate balance established can be easily changed when it is cut, resulting in color modifications. Diamond quality and worth is determined by its flawlessness, clarity, color and purity. The company has spent a lot of money on equipments like special laser to retain the integrity of the precious gem after it’s cut.


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