Final Audio Design Announces Muramasa VIII Series

Final Audio Design, a Japan based company has unveiled exquisite audio products called Muramasa VIII, for high end fans offering fascinating listening experience. It satisfies the wishes of music lovers who demand outstanding sound quality and visual appearance.  The amazing head set is the first of its kind to be made in stainless steel. The fancy headphone has been designed out of hard metal looks bulky with the weight of eighty hundred and fifty grams. Many details about Muramas VIII are not revealed except its heaviness, big size, sleek and flashy design. But its price is double than that of standard headphones. The headphone is the combination of innovative headphone design and high end sound.

The headphone is accommodated with forty mm drivers with an ohmic resistance of 16. Its lower impedance number is always good. But layman won’t know anything about the measure and its relation with sound quality. The level of sound output will be 112dB (Sound Pressure Level) which will be enough to prevent background noise and enjoy the pleasure of your listening to music.

The acoustics unit’s design and material selection give impressive natural listening experience. The sleek silver finish gives the high-end Muramasa VIII headphones a luxuriously elegant appearance with high-tech outstanding sound quality, which ensures you fascinating listening experience. It is durable as it is made in stainless steel with its two way configuration in the ratio of 40 mm by 8mm of main speaker and tweeter. Fancy looking headphone costs $ 8,000.It is scheduled to be released in April. Go ahead. Enjoy rock, jazz, or classical music. But don’t forget to buy neck brace to keep your neck steady.

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