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Fighter Combat International: Sky high thrills and spills!

Combat up in the skies is no mean task, especially if you have no previous experience when it comes to handling the stick. Let alone combat, even flying a high speed jet with all the g-force and the blood rush can be too much to handle for even the best at times. But Fighter Combat International, with its team of experienced pilots and instructors, offers all the thrills, spills and a whole lot more at speeds in excess of 250 mph even for those with no previous flight experience. Based in Mesa, Arizona, it sports a $3 million adventure squadron, and provides training aboard a German-built Extra 300L aircraft.

The 300L is one of the best in the business with its ability to pull off gravity defining stunts, great acrobatic maneuvers up in the clouds and an ability to generate thrust that will pull your skin off of your face; almost literally! The team offers you all this along with tactical modern air combat as an instructor in the front will take you on a ride that will never have a dull moment in it.

This does not mean though that you will be a spectator as you will be more than allowed to perform stunts in the sky and handle the 300L. Not for the faint of hearts the packages here start at $755 for an hour in the air and can go a lot beyond depending on your interest, passion and ability to hang in the air and go wing to wing with the very best!

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