Fashion Designers Realize Directors of Hollywood Movies are Important Too

We have mostly heard about Hollywood stars and what they wear and what they like to flaunt around. Hardly anyone seemed to be interested in what the directors of the movies wore, or which fashion brands they preferred. However, it turns out that the fashion designers themselves think that directors are so much more important than the actors.

For instance, Gucci collaborated with The Cinema Society and screened an amazing version of the La Dolce Vita which was restored as well. This was a tribute to Martin Scorsese and he himself declared that most people do not know that it was this movie that made him plunged into directing movies and also made him successful. Gucci has been trying hard to appeal to Martin Scorsese and make him seem like a pretty fashion leader himself. At Il Buco, Tiffany & Co. paid respects to Ed Burns who is known to have made an amazing movie about the company.

He had made a short film for the luxury jewellery maker in which 8 couples talk about their marriages and their wedding rings. Of course, you and I would find that boring for we wear jewellery not in marriages, but in places that these married people would hypocritically claim not to go. Of course, I am talking about places where the red lights gleam. Well, at the end of the day, I was just trying to say that fashion designers have begun to take directors more seriously than ever. I hope I made my point.

Via: WSJ

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