Fashion Brands and Retailers Embrace New Social Media and Digital Technology Effectively

Best known fashion brands and retailers are building a strong network across the globe thanks to the new age social media applications and digital technology. Marketing of fashion products has reached entirely new level in last one year ever since brands developed their innovative websites. Brands like DKNY even streamed preview of their collections live before collections hit the stores. More over consumers could view and buy latest collection online as well.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter brands have been able to social network, build social communities via their loyal customers and reach everyone on a personal level. Reaching personal space of a consumer is the ultimate marketing goal and now because of digital revolution it has become very easy to do so.

According to James Gardner, CEO of a New York based digital firm CreateTheGroup:

β€œIn 2010, we saw an explosion of experimentation in social media. Luxury brands earned an immediate connection with consumers through streaming runway shows and creating Facebook and Twitter personas. In 2011, luxury brands will be looking at how to capitalize on this immediate interface with consumers by connecting social media to digital commerce.”

Fashion world has stepped into digital era in a really big way and digital media is all set to revolutionize the very concept of fashion – right from creation of designs to marketing them. High-end fashion is also managing to maintain its exclusivity using clever interface. The result of all these sweeping changes is being reflected on growing sales chart as well.

Via Mashable

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