Famous Grouse Experience: Can You Say ‘No’ To This?

The Famous Grouse has unveiled the special whiskey in Scotland to celebrate the thirty years as best selling whisky. The celebratory brand is the much awaited collection by the enthusiasts and fans. The exclusive blend is introduced comes in travel retail and duty free limited edition. The special blend of whiskey is created by Gordon Motion, which will be displayed at World Exhibition in Cannes which is going to be held next month. You could see showcased on the Maxxium stand M53 between 19th to 23rd September in Green Village.

Nielsen, a research company makes it clear that Gordon Motion creates the unique, celebration blend, who has been working since 20 09 as Master Blender. 10,000 bottles of the blend are accessible throughout the world. A small of portion of it sold, comes under duty free. The decanter Wade, well established ceramic makers in the world, displays three illustrations of grouse taking flight, which was artistic work of British based prestigious painter Rodger McPhail.  Since long back he is associated with red grouse of the brand which decorates each label of the best seller whiskey.

The blend has a soft pleasing flavour, with hints of vanilla and light smokiness. The liquid in decanter is in gold colour, with honey and orange peel fragrance. The Famous Grouse Experience is the most visited oldest distillery of Scotland which is known for scotch whisky.  Maxxium Travel Retail is greatly pleased to introduce celebration decanter to the market for which there would be a great demand by the travellers in Europe. It is priced at $141.80

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