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F1 Singapore Grand Prix Gets Its Trophy from Royal Selangor, Yet Again

Nothing other than this trophy that epitomizes the transitional Art Deco style of architecture could do justice to the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix. When it comes to designing trophies Royal Selangor has never disappointed Singtel over the past few years, so it was natural for Singtel to choose a trusted source yet again for the next F1 race event. This time the South east Asian Pewter house, Royal Selangor has gone a step ahead to revamp the classic trophy by adding oodles of panache.

This sky-scrapper trophy retains the essence of Singapore along with the edgy look of the F1 cars. According to the pewter house Royal Selangor, they drew inspiration from the proverb “si hai zhi nei, jie xiong di ye” which means across “across the four seas, all men are brothers”. This initiation of promoting the long forgotten brotherhood amongst the brethren paid off well. The trophy is unison of panels of different lengths and colors that are eclectic yet compliment each other. It is a common knowledge that an oriental designer cannot completely banish the color red; here a bold distinctive red panel in the middle corroborates that statement. There is no doubt that the look of this magnificent piece alone will make it a covetous trophy.

The General Manager of Royal Selangor, Chen Tien Yue, expressed great honor on being entrusted with the designing of the trophy and was extremely pleased with the idea of promoting the spirit of unity and brotherhood at the F1 race. For die hard F1 race fans, Royal Selangor will display a miniature model of the trophy for sale at all its stores.

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