Explore Tierra del Fuego at the Luxurious Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa

Tierra del Fuego is one of the most exotic places in the world, and it is also known for its exotic culinary art. It is also the southernmost region of the world, very close to Antarctica. The Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa with its great staff, and amazing comforts offers you an oppurtunity to experience amazing spectacular views, beaches, hiking, trekking and much more. The Patagonian cuisine is the influence of immigrants, natives, geography and its production. This can be best experienced at Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa.

Los Cauquenes is situated on the beaches of Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego with its water bodies and coastal national park as  the main attractions. It offers a pleasurable long walk or trekking through the old coastal paths to see condors, the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere .The stunning view of the snow-covered peaks of Andes, which is the world’s longest mountain range, and also part of seven different countries.

The resort is exclusively the right choice to spend hours together with a loved one. It is extremely delightful, with its breathtaking views, cascading waves which sets you free from stress and anxiety. Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa is built using stones and wood of the lenga, which is Andes’ native tree and it reflects the southern Argentine architecture.

The hospitable staff make you feel comfortable with good service. You can relax in the heated pool, Jacuzzi, sauna etc. The spacious 54 rooms and suites with the large beds are kept clean. The private balconies could be a great place where you can have the magnificent view of the sea. Everything is well maintained and decorated with rich taste.

You can travel through the waters of the Beagle Channel and watch sea lions, eagles, sea bird, magellanic penguins, and red foxes. Tierra del Fuego Lighthouse is located at the end of the World, and it is best viewed from a boat.

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