Esedra Creations Help Create Private Zones in Minimal Spaces

Creativity is the key factor in houses with minimal space. Esedra Lab offers its customers a complete collection of decorative demarcations when privacy is needed. The designers of Esedra lab have used Chorex which is waterproof and long lasting for generations, resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents. Esedra creations offer a wide range of graphic patterns and colors which are adaptable to any space and the new collection is very impressive and surprising. Esendra lab turns a corner and entry ways indoor space, a passage, a public space, an environment as an enjoyable place as well as letting in air and light. The configuration of closed or open spaces creates private environments. The temporary partitions can be assembled in any place without damaging existent structure.

These accessories are meant for luxury homes, not only beautify the spaces as well as it act as a divider to demarcate the needed spaces which are transitional for modern homes. Esedra Lab created luxury segment of strictly limited edition, and has chosen exotic name ‘The thousand and One Nights’, which evoke dream nature of atmosphere.  The Swarovski crystals are studded to decorate the space of the divider giving a touch of glamour, combined with light and reflect. The night blue sky with stars and moon is very impressive which offers a magical spell of scintillating charm while you relax.

This exotic divider not only shines originality of luxurious homes, but also high fashion boutiques, large hotels, exclusive showrooms and meeting places. The screen with scenic effect is valuable addition to those who explore new worlds and creative materials. The collection is a combination of excellent material and hand assembled to minute details with great care.


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