Environmental Lights to Steal Show at Nightclub & Bar Trade Show is a leading energy efficient LED lighting products which meet needs of residential, commercial and business clients. A broad spectrum of Christmas lights, rope light, strip light, light bulbs, dimmers and controls are offered by the company which was founded by Anne Thorson and Greg in 2006. will introduce a new line of controllers and LED strip lights at the Nightclub & Bar trade show. The show will be held between March 13-14 in Nevada and Las Vegas where over thirty thousand attendees including professionals, bartenders, operators and owners of the industry. The show provides an opportunity to the designers and owners to get acquainted with the application and potentiality of the product. They could update the lighting of their space improving the atmosphere of the nightclubs and bars.

New LED strip lighting provides maximum brightness with long life and energy efficiency. The new line offers color rendering Index which improves color vibrancy when they are used in up-lighting or backlighting bar areas. The new product line is an instant success with contractors and designers with warm white colors and tunable colors. The products are improved with the advanced technology of phosphor chemistry.

High CRI LED Strip features color accuracy and optimum brightness. You could get various color options such as color tunable, daylight, warm white and more. The extra flexibility is obtained by RGB color changing strip and color tunable strip. The RGB color changing strip directly on the LED chip mixes colors providing the user opportunity to create custom hues with dimming systems. For nightclubs and DJ booths the Sound-to-Light controller will be ideal which allows the strip lights to flash according to the beats of music. The PMRC LED controller allows choosing a pre programmable controller allowing the user to create customized colors where you could choose from 16 million of them. You could dim the LED strips, transition speed and the fade times.  Expert advice and demonstrations would be available by the staff engineers for your business.

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