Entire Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai Booked For Barack Obama and His Delegation

Taj Mahal Hotel is all set to add a new chapter in its troubled and rich history. US President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and his delegation have booked the entire hotel for their forthcoming visit. It is well known that Taj Mahal Hotel was under siege during 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks and it really doesn’t come as a surprise that US security will not take any chances and will take over entire hotel during Obama’s visit.

Apparently US President Barack Obama’s contingent itself is very large and apart from Taj Mahal Hotel some 300 rooms have been booked in other elite hotels of Mumbai. He is expected to arrive with two jumbo jets, security jets apart from his Air Force One and his convoy consists of some 45 cars.  US Navy ships are expected to be deployed in the sea next to Taj Mahal Hotel.

Barack Obama’s visit will make news for more than one reason. First of all he is staying in a hotel which was sieged by terrorists and it lost many of its staff and guests in the attacks. Secondly this seems to be a grand scale event incurring much costs, it will certainly evoke criticism from different corners. This visit will make news but one hopes it will also heal the scars and wounds of past and Obama will take right measures to combat global terrorism.


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