Elipson Music Center: A UFO-shaped Boombox that Rocks the Town

There couldn’t be anything better than a gadget that could help you listen to music wirelessly, and also make sure that you have the best design stashed around in a corner of the house. Elipson Music Center is an amazing device that is shaped like a UFO and acts as a wireless boombox. It comes with 2 x 60 watts and is dedicated to music.

The ICEpower digital amplifier makes sure that the devices that you use like iPod, iPhone or whatever other instrument would wirelessly connect to the Boombox and you would be able to play some amazing music. Wireless Link Elipson Lossless is an amazing technology unveiled by WELL, and that is quite an interesting element in the gadget too. However, we are more interested in the looks of the model than anything else. It seems as if you have just brought a UFO right into the middle of the house.

The gadget not only looks great, but also makes listening to music a wonderful experience, and could be one of the best ways to enhance auditory experience. It also comes with an FM tuner, an optical digital audio input and a USB input. I would so love to buy it for myself, for there is nothing better than a gadget like this. I would say, go ahead and buy it for the price of 2,000 Euros. It is worth every Euro you spend on it. Go ahead, and get yourself this amazing piece of musical gadget, and never once in life should you regret that you bought it!

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