Elegant Linens Unveil Uber-chic Winter Collection for 2011

Sleeping is the most awaited moment in everyday’s life. So for this great moment, transform your bedroom with smooth and soft bedding which would be irresistibly cozy and warm. Be ready to combat this winter with Elegant Linens as the winter is predicted to be very harsh this year. Elegant Linens simplifies your pursue for superior luxury bedding.

The terms like down, fill power, loft, channel construction and baffle-box construction all are useful terms for people to know.  Down is used for insulation of animals like duck, geese etc   But unless you are insulated yourself you don’t understand the term down .In luxury bedding, as fill power increases you will get warmth, feeling of light weight and  fluffy appearance.

The term Loft is exchanged for fill power. Loft 800 means high quality warmth with the lightest weight. Elegant Linens provides somewhere in between 500 and 750 fill as a winter-ready options. When buying down products, one has to bear in the mind the casing material. Down duvets of luxury bedding of Elegant Linens have casings of Egyptian cotton with high-thread-count. You better check the quality of textile of casing.

One more feature of down products, is the type of construction of the duvet, referring the manner down is stitched to be in the held in place. Elegant Linens add final finishes to the luxury bed. When cashmere is blended properly with other high quality fabrics like merino wool, it would easier to make blankets even more soft and warm. It is important to check the reputed sourcing cashmere with retailer and one should diligently purchase luxury items.


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