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Duxiana Unveils Bed for Life Collection

Duxiana offers the ultimate sleep experience introducing new ‘Bed for life collection’ which is a blend of four generation experience and research of over eighty five years. Your home is a statement of who you are and the master bed room is the most important part of your home, where you relax in comfort and luxury. You deserve to rest in one of the most expensive settings at the end of the day  and that’swhere you want to be! So here is a world-class bed with workmanship and designs that double up as key elements to create a sanctuary at your bedroom.

A quality bed is worth a good investment and it is almost like you are investing on your health. Usually before buying every one considers many factors including suggestions, options, colors, designs and features.  The finest natural materials are used, which aim at ultimate comfort and the science of healthy sleep.  The Ljung family of Sweden is one of the highest quality bed makers with traditional techniques in the world. They have strived to develop four models of advanced bedding.

Duxiana beds are handcrafted in luxury and they last a lifetime with functional adjustability, and come in many models and styles. All are constructed expertly with quality material and the new DUX 818 bed is an innovative model of Bed for Life Collection featuring the Pascal Personal Compfort Zone System, interlocking springs of high quality Sweden steel and adjustable lumbar support which contribute to your good healthy night sleep. It comes with built in safety compartment to store valuables and a hand held fire extinguisher. The replaceable cotton covered latex top pad gives extra softness. Life Collection beds are priced at $3405 to $11970. If you want to experience finer things in life, go ahead and bring home Life Collection beds.

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