Drambuie Liqueur Co to Unveil the Jacobite Collection in a Wooden Box

The Drambuie Liqueur Co has drafted an aggressive marketing plan to increase its share in global travel retail. They are adopting this marketing approach as a part of an overall rejuvenation strategy. The idea is to reposition the brand to appeal to a wider market and new consumers. As part of this strategy they are scheduled to unveil The Jacobite Collection – The Spirit of ’45. It will be presented to the global travel retail at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes next month. It is one of the rarest blend in their range and the Jacobite Collection will be presented in a wooden box.

Only 150 such solid wood presentation boxes will be prepared and will retail for about $5,800 per set. The set will include a magnificent hand-blown crystal decanter which will be filled with the rare and valuable blend of 45 year old whiskies. The blend will be infused with the company’s secret recipe of herbs and spices. The presentation has been created to represent the craft and heritage at the heart of Drambuie. The buyer of the set also gets a hand-etched crystal replica of a Spottiswoode ‘Amen’ glass and a second large crystal stopper for the decanter.

The set contains a 32 page leather booklet which has been put together by whisky writer Ian Buxton. The booklet contains the story of the Jacobite rebellion, Drambuie, its antique Jacobite glass collection and the details behind the Collection. The decanter is engraved with intricate decorative scrollwork and the crown motif. Derek McInally, the master blender has created the 45 year old single malt and grain whisky. The Drambuie Liqueur Company will display the exclusive set in their stand at Cannes TFWA, Riviera Village.

Via: moodiereport

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