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Discover the Historic Land of Abraham In Luxury!

The travel professionals at the Abercrombie & Kent have arranged a trip to the ancient world of Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Jerusalem is the holy city for Abrahamic religions. You could visit the Mount of Olives where you get a wonderful view of Jerusalem. A trip to Israel without a stop at the Dead Sea is futile. So, that is part of the itinerary too!  You could check out the Herod’s  palaces and pay a visit to theTower of David.

Tourism is a very important sector of the Jordanian economy and a journey through the country will tell you why! In Petra, guests will come to know the Secrets of the local Jordanian cuisine at the kitchen of a unique restaurantPart of the attraction is to enjoy the invitation for tea by a Bedouin family, known for their hospitality in Petra. Amman is also touted as the oldest inhabited city, and you could drive to that city!

You would finally visit the land of Egypt, which has a history of over 4000 years. Discovering Cairo’s Islamic heritage, an enjoyable walking tour of Khan el-Khalili Baz daar, and a farewell dinner are all part of the tour’s features. The tour is $6,995.

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