Diet Coke Gets the Chanel Touch

Soft drink bottles had never experienced an iota of change since they were launched, they have always been the mundane glass bottles that they are. This apparently became an intolerable view for the celebrated designer Karl Lagerfeld, so he decided to change the entire look of the Diet Coke bottles. The revamped aluminum Diet Coke bottles will make their debut later this month in France.

The pictures that got out in the press release showed milk-can shaped diet coke bottles with Karl Lagerfeld’s silhouette on them. Each bottle will also have the Chanel man’s signature on it, the new look of these bottles is trendy and perfect for the girl on-the-go.

Its a shame that these designer bottles will not be released in America anytime soon, if they had released, they would have raked in the big bucks, as we all know coke is the main constituent of everybody’s diet in the U.S.

Of course, style comes at a price, each bottle will be priced at 47 euros and guess what you will not have to scurry around your house to search a bottle opener as they will be providing one with each bottle. Karl Lagerfeld will be shooting an ad campaign with Coco Rocha and Baptise Giacobini for the promotion of these new bottles.

via: hellomagazine


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