Diamond Studded Tibaldi Pen Sells for $8 Million

There is always a strange connection between pens and the rich. The affluent have always collected pens that are expensive no matter what they intended to write with that.

In fact, most people who buy expensive designer pens are the ones who hardly use it to even sign a sheet of paper. Thus, the irony of expensive pens is that they are hardly used to write, but are a status symbol. Florentine brand Tibaldi had unveiled a pen called the Fulgor Nocturnus.

The pen recently sold for a staggering price of $8 million at a charity auction in Shanghai. The design of the pen is based on the Divine Proportion of Phi, which means that the proportion of the pen’s cap and the barrel of the pen when closed are equal to the phi ratio which is 1.618. Fulgor Nocturnus comes with 945 black diamonds along with 123 rubies.

It also has 16 clips above the small button on the cap. Of course, it is a jewel with all those diamonds and it looks good too. However it is rather strange that people would want to spend $8 million on a pen just because it is studded with diamonds. Well, to each his own and if you were to buy a pen as expensive as this, I would say don’t.

Via: Veraclasse

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