De’Longhi Unveils Premium Coffee Tower for Offices

Italian coffee maker De’Longhi knows the importance of a coffee space in every office, for that is where the employees congregate and talk to each other.

Moreover, it is the only entertainment most employees have and they try to visit the coffee space as often as possible. Thus, the Italian coffee maker De’Longhi has teamed up with Kassel furniture manufacturer AMS and come up with a cool coffee tower aimed at the premium markets. The coffee tower comes with a really luxe cutlery drawer and a storage compartment.

It can hold cups, sugar bowls and milk jugs in order and a multi Hochliftklappe Stop function allows for easy opening and closing. There are also two water containers in the bottom which would help those people who prefer their instant coffee to Barista prepared coffee. The premium coffee-bar, coffee bar, economy and business edition models are the 4 types that are offered in this line.

If you own an office, you could choose between 210 different colours which would suit the ambience of your office. These personalizations make it an extremely cool gadget to buy, and trust me, your employees would actually perform better thanks to all the caffeine that they slurp down constantly.

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