David Cameron Gets an Outdated iPad for £20,000

Apple has just unveiled the 4G LTE enabled iPad, which also comes with retina display capabilities. Apple announced that there would be more than 2,00,000 apps available for the iPad at the moment. The new iPad 4G comes with a 5 MP camera as well as many other features such as Wi-Fi and the ability to dictate using a microphone. With that in mind, you might want to learn that David Cameron has got a £20,000  worth personalized iPad. What the hell!

Apparently the iPad will come with “instant access to crime statistics, unemployment figures NHS waiting lists and the latest polling data” so that the PM can govern the country better. Why Mr. Cameron couldn’t wait a couple of days to get a 4G LTE version is something that we do not understand. Maybe he was too eager to get an iPad for himself and start checking out what it feels like to have one.

Oh of course, it also comes with the ability to integrate Google search and Twitter feeds from a particular constituency in order to keep track of what is happening in terms of elections and politics. I understand that there has been some personalization done in order to make sure that he can monitor his ministers and the way his government functions. All from the dashboard specially created for him. However, if we are talking about money in terms of £20,000 ($31,720), then I just don’t see the idea behind it. Moreover, it is not even the latest iPad. Hrmphs.

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