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David Beckham Ties Up With H&M to Launch his Own Underwear

David Beckham is known all over the world more for his advertisements in Armani underwear than the way he plays football. In fact, most footballers agree that he is one of a fashion celebrity than a footballer, which is not such a great thin because he is not really ‘fashionable’. Now he wants to launch his own line of underwear for which he plans to tie up with H&M.

It is not clear who is going to model for these under pants but they would be released during the Valentine’s Day. This means, people will certainly notice the Beckham crotch effect which is for what he has long been known for. “Over the past year, I’ve been developing my body wear range with my team and I’m extremely positive about what we have designed and produced,” revealed Beckham.

Now, that is a statement which makes me think a lot. What did he really try and figure out with his team? How roomy or how tight the underpants must be for a man to play football, or to make himself look good in posters? I guess he has made enough money and fame by being a pseudo-fashion celebrity, and his wife has made loads of money herself. It is time for the couple to go home and watch some TV while models like Kate Moss get to see the light of the day. I would say, go ahead and check out things for yourself. If you want to wear his underwear, I am sorry.

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