DARTZ dishes out the world’s most expensive SUV: Unleash the beast with glam galore!

If you wish to get out of that simple exquisite flight that you just took from New York to Paris and want a carrier from the airport that matches the luxury and the lavishness that was served sky high, then DARTZ seems to have the perfect automobile to satisfy your craving for the ultimate in the luxury world. Just out is the world’s most expensive SUV from DARTZ, which has signed a contract with Riviera Premium Service to unleash a beast that is as safe as it is pompous.

Designed to merge comfort with security, this armored Russian tank-like SUV ensures not only the very best is at your feet as you move from the hotel to your chosen destination, but it also makes sure that whatever you are carrying inside that briefcase is completely secure. Perfect for those on a business trip, this ensures both tight security and the glitz and glamour to rope in the next deal.

The armored DARTZ is available for rent at Cote d’Azur and you can book it well in advance to ensure that you get the services of these limited edition giants. That does not mean though that you have to stick with the steel grey ‘boardroom’ look always as you can even select the color of your exclusive DARTZ if you book it a week in advance… Well and truly exclusive!

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