Darin Montegomery Unveils Elegant Miniature Bar Set for Emergency Parties

The moment you hear about an emergency cocktail station you might think of some emergency kit in lab or something that is placed in some corner for first aid. But with in a second your confusion will be cleared as the kit is not for emergency but instead, it is to have fun with your friends or to ameliorate your distressing bad mood. The emergency cocktail station is a space provider for tools and liquor.

The emergency cocktail station is a conversation starter, creating interest among your friends, and is an accessory to decorate your wall. The moment your friends take notice of it, they might be encouraged to greet with cheer looking at the emergency cocktail kit. The wall mounted cabinet looks stylish with bottles and tools from which you could mix your cocktail. The wall mounted cocktail bar will rescue in emergencies such as nagging bosses, working for peanuts in return, irritating friends who get on your nerves and those who make you search for boozy stuffs and tools stored  in cocktail bar.

Darin Montegomery of Urbancase has designed a miniature store for liquors to suit small places and for easy access so that the hosts can offer liquors to the guest. This unique wall mounting box is made of laminated material and measures 32″ L x 16 1/2″ H x 7″ D, and can accommodate a few bottles of liquor, few glasses and required bar tools. During party occasions, the tool could be used for emergency requirement and the box provides much needed liquor tools. The case is compact and comes with an aesthetic sense. The actual booze is not included in the bar and it would cost you $850.  

Via:  Uncrate

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