Cottin Paris Is a Cool New Way to Embellish Laptops

If you are looking for some exotic style of computers, especially laptops and tablets with inlaid jewelry, carvings, leather, and metals Cottin Paris series are the latest one under French tradition of handcraft. The revolutionary design initiated by Steve Jobs in the computing world is taken to the next level by Cottin Gorden which introduces the first ultra luxury computer. You could personalize your note book with precious metals, mother of pearl, horn, enamel, lacquer, and rare woods. You could indulge in the fantasies with semi precious gems settings or inlaid decors. With great precision, high performance the note book is devoted to appease the senses. A Cottin computer is a blend of technology and fine craftsmanship, is designed and decorated uniquely to customer’s specification in Paris.

Cottin Gordon has introduced six inspiration styles in the name of colorful seasons. The price of luxury laptops start from $14,489 to $20,806. Color of Autumn with cozy and sensuous look uses inlaid rosewood and red suede leather with satin delicacy of pale gold composing in the same manner as in Schiele, Modigliani or Munch. It is priced at $20,806. The Color of Summer option displays a composition of amethysts, garnets, and peridots with the trimming of crocodile leather which is priced at $19,758.

The decoration sets include black nickel, white and red, and antique silver for your choice. You could choose the leather in vibrant color options like sky blue, pale rose, beige sand iguana, bright red, ebony black alligator and more. The entire decoration and cover options would cost you $1,705 and $780 – $475 respectively.

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