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Condé Nast Launches Yet another Extravagant Luxury Magazine in India

It seems Condé Nast is smitten by the Indian market as it decided to launch yet another magazine in India. After the unmatched success of its previous magazines like Vogue and GQ, Condé Nast didn’t want to let go off on any chance that would exploit the appetite for reading of the Indians, so it decided to launch its travel magazine in India.

With the change in the spending paradigms of the Indians it has been noticed that they are now keener on spending on luxury and their indulgence in luxury explains the surge of luxury brands in India post globalization. With the launch of this magazine Condé Nast plans to extend luxury to traveling and serve as a medium to relate both.

Mr. Kuruvilla claims that the increase in the population of wealthy individuals in India will help Condé Nast rope in a lot of moolah. Traveler will be published twice a month and only 15,000 copies will be produced initially to see the response of its customers. Condé Nast has set its eyes on the booming economy of India and plans to exploit it to its fullest and to do so it also plans to open Vogue Café restaurant in Mumbai to empty all those hot pockets.

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