Coban Buffet by Scott Friedman Has a Masculine and Rugged Appearance

Would you like to store your glassware and chinaware in a brilliantly crafted, compartment of sturdy oak? Designer Scott Friedman’s Coban Buffet, is a fine piece of beauty, and looks surprisingly impressive. The crafted oak wood has been laminated to give a shiny look and is made of recycled material. It comes with a sliding door, metal drawer knobs with  smooth bent corners and bent angle to follow the design laterally.

You may think the designer has given much importance to the exterior, neglecting the base, and that it is created out of rotten wood and rusty plows heads. Actually, by doing this Friedman has given touch of masculinity to the masterpiece.

The Workshop of Scott Friedman is a Denver-based, design build furniture studio, and the designing and fabrication of each piece creates heirloom-quality furniture. They offer a collection of contemporary furniture with authentic, unique and exceptional craftsmanship. Both commercial and residential client’s custom design and fabrication are taken up and the company uses traditional woodworking techniques in their handcraft.

It will make your house charming and the furniture is a combination of new and reclaimed wood. The buffet is natural and industrial and if you liked the design in the collection you could buy them. With a background of architecture, industrial design, construction, and furniture design the Coban Buffet is unique, simplistic, and classic with details that are intricate. Architect Scot Friedman worked as an architect for several years in Denver, Colorado. Later he started designing charming wooden furniture under the name Gitane Workshop. He sent the unique piece to get constructed and the Coban Buffet was the result.

Via: Designmilk

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