Chic Porche Car-shaped Ice Cube Trays Make Parties Real Fun


The Porsche Design website has launched an unusual product in the name of ice cube trays. If you are obsessed with Porsche brand, you could get the ice cubes in frozen version of Cayman, 911, Panamera, and Cayenne. It is a trick to make even children well acquainted about the brands’ models in ice moulds. It is a clever way of popularizing Porsche as a household brand. Whiskey consumers will have fun branded ice cubes in cooling process. You could enjoy summer get-togethers with different cool models in refreshing beverage. The children-amusing ice cube tray features the dish washer safe and brands logo. The trendy ice cube shaped trays could be recommended for mass production.

The new, blue ice cube tray just released by Porsche, would be the driver’s choice as car tray. The tray is made of silicone injection mould, has four models of Porsche, and each model will have three pieces which would be the first in the list. The coolest part is that the details of the moulds are in an order where the first one starts with the boxster, followed by the 911, the cayenne, ending with the panamera. Its dimensions are (W) 20 x (H) 11 x (D) 2 cm. The pop out frozen cubes will not have any taste or odor of silicone tray which could be used for years.

You could use the cool product for food coloring, making jells or you could take out solid juice cubes which is a most welcoming idea. It is priced at $19. You could buy it from the company website. These are limited in numbers, go ahead and enjoy the nice weather.




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