CES 2011: 3D Glasses Now Going Trendy With Marchon Designer Glasses

The 3D revolution that announced its arrival at the CES 2010 event, has now finally made its way through to the luxury fashion market, as the world’s third-largest eyewear manufacturer, Marchon has now introduced all new designer 3D glasses. These incredible new 3D glasses were unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES 2011) in Las Vegas and promise to integrate 3D technology deeper into the fashion industry. The Marchon designer 3D glasses are said to be compatible with RealD technology, the same technology that can be found in nearly every 3D movie theater.

The all new designer 3D glasses from Marchon have been designed to keep the consumers’ eyes absolutely protected as these glasses can easily and completely filter out the extremely dangerous ultra violet rays emanated from the sun. Marchon has incorporated the cutting edge ‘passive viewing technology‘ into the new designer 3D glasses and chose not to go down the conventional path of active shutter glasses. Furthremore, Marchon has also been granted a patent for curved lenses, where in the company will be making use of these lenses in 3D glasses for films, games and other 3D media. The all new designer 3D glasses from Marchon will be available for purchase from the month of February this year and will carry a price tag of $30, while the high end frames will be significantly expensive at $150.

According to Cristin Lyons (Marchon),

“We believe in the fact that anything you put on your face should be extremely fashionable. It made sense to put the technology in a fashion piece. Let’s be honest, the frames out there now aren’t very stylish. We have men’s, ladies’, kids’, clip-ons, fit-overs…anyone and everyone can wear these frames. They are a fashion statement, and you can walk outside with them and they won’t throw off your world at all.”

Via Google News

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