CBrace by S. Royale is the New Accessory for Men and an Alternative for Cufflinks

Move over cufflinks as they create a sloppy edge, CBrace by S. Royale is here now to provide the edge-defining-cuff embellishment and an elitist alternative. Cufflinks have been a part of formal men’s attire for centuries now. It was designed specifically to fasten elegantly the button holes of French Cuffs and has been the preferred choice of gentlemen since the 17th century. It has been one of the favorite articles of designers who have created, in the past, some of the most expensive cufflinks crafted out of precious metals and studded with precious stones including diamonds.

Ultra Exclusive Cufflinks 

There have been some extra exclusive one off creations as well that have been talked about in the elite circle. Montegrappa limited edition cufflinks were one of those. Jacob & Co holds the distinction of creating the most expensive diamond cufflinks where as Bernardo & Co. had been appreciated a lot custom making the ammunition cufflinks in platinum. The new concept of cuff embellishment known as CBrace is the creation of the visionary designer Shedrick Royale Perro who believes that cufflinks pinch cuffs together creating a noticeably sloppy edge. CBrace is his answer that defines and maintains the edges of the cuff perfectly. He had the well dressed and discerning individuals in mind and has used the best materials like 24 carat gold platinum and diamond.

CBrace Clasps, Covers and Embellishes the Cuff’s Edge

CBrace is basically a frame that covers and gently clasps while embellishing the cuff’s edge. The designer, inventor and owner Shedrick Royale Perro has created a whole range of CBrace studs in a variety of shapes. It has created a new article for the fine jewelry and fashion industries. The designer is targeting the high heeled luxury clients worldwide and he is sure to attract their attention. The most expensive design in the range of new article is S. Royale’s platinum CBrace. Priced at $2,499,999 it has been embellished with 65 VVS1 round brilliant diamonds totaling 130 diamonds per pair. A similar design is also available in 18k gold which is priced at $1,999,999. Apart from these ultra expensive designs there are many more made in sterling silver, wood and other innovative materials and are much more affordable. This new accessory for men is here to stay.

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