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Elipson Music Center: A UFO-shaped Boombox that Rocks the Town

There couldn’t be anything better than a gadget that could help you listen to music wirelessly, and also make sure that you have the best design stashed around in a corner of the house.

Airfree Showcases Global Exclusive Range of Air Purifiers at Galeries Lafayette, Dubai

Dubai loves exclusive products and luxurious interpretation of a standard product. Airfree, the leading European air purifier brand has created exclusive range of their products for their launch in UAE. They have entered into

12 Of The World’s Most Expensive Gadgets And Hi-Tech Accessories

If you have the money to splurge of the world’s most expensive gadgets and tech accessories, here is a range of hi-tech goodies that are sure to appeal to any gadget freak. From a

Lovers’ Boxes Uses Digital Technology to put the Spark Back in a Relationship

You would be amazed to see that even technology can be very romantic if used properly. In this digital age text messaging has killed the romance out of sweet nothings. Researchers from Newcastle University have

5.5 Designers Create Gorgeous Radiators for Saazs

Design is about making an everyday utility product beautiful. We know it is not the season to talk about heaters but 5.5 Designers have designed such a beautiful line of heaters that you simply

Limited Edition Colorware iPhone 4 Shiny Edition for the Away Project

French football had peaked with Zinedine Zidane. People still remember how close they had come to lifting the world cup and the famous head butt by Zidane during the finals. The French love their

Estelon’s XA Loudspeakers Redefine Style For Sound Equipment

Once upon a time, loudspeakers were big, ugly boxes. There was nothing aesthetic about them at all. However, things are changing. Take the case of the new flagship speakers from new Estonian brand Estelon.

Presenting A Phenomenal Electric All Terrain Bike, The Hanebrink

Since the beginning of this year, here at Trends Updates, we have covered our fair share of electric and hybrid bikes, that have not only made a positive impact on the environment, but have

Singing Birds and Butterfly Put Together by Artists of Reuge

Reuge has been in Basel for about 65 years. They have acquired a reputation in the world of luxury products that is almost mythical. They don’t believe in producing but only creating. For them

Darwin Machine Design Team Take the Pure Luxury PC to New High Not Seen Before

Pure Luxury PC is a statement in elegant simplicity. The computer technology has changed and evolved the most in the last two decades. But the irony is that the PC case design and layout