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Chinese Yuppies Spend More, the Poor in China Get Jealous

Chinese young people are influenced by the American culture; believe that their contribution to China economy and the society is immense. The consumption of luxury goods among the young consumers reveals brand culture acceptance, and buying power. One could see the booming scene of luxury goods market, with the Chinese middle income group, for personal

Sarah Riley is Back, Exclusively Online in her Second Innings

Sarah Riley, in a short span of three seasons had reached the take off stage. She was hailed as a bright and up and coming designer in 2008. She had her own label and eight stockiest in New Zealand. Gail Elliot, the ex super model vouched for her and media channels described her as extraordinary.

Hervé Léger’s Bandage Dress Is Too Expensive But Chic

Body-hugging strapless bandage dress looks sexy, and elegant! It has emerged as a celebrity outfit. Strapless dresses are a fad among designers and celebrities. Hollywood celebrities like to display their curves wearing them. This outfit seductively make you look dazzling. Wearing this dress at events make you show off your petite curves with oozing out

Bentley Collaborates with Royal College of Art to Woo Women Customers

Bentley, the British luxury car maker is collaborating with London’s Royal College of Art for the first time to create inspirational designs for women in a unique project. Seventeen students from the college had spent time going through the work of Bentley’s leading designers and finally three have been shortlisted for a specific design brief

La Perla and Swarovski Come Together to Create a Special Line of Intimate Wear

Swarovski has established itself as the providers of bling for anything and everything. Swarovski crystals are the easiest and most convenient way of embellishing anything including electronic gadgets. The crystals always add that extra bit of glamour and exclusiveness to a product. The fashion industry, I am sure, cannot even imagine an existence without Swarovski

Jimmy Choo’s Ballerina Flats with Yellow Black Spots

If you are a fashion and eco-conscious woman, draw the attention of the world about the threatened big cat species. Help save these endangered animals and pounce on the ballerina flats to spice up the wardrobe. Ballerina flats are the inspiration of ballet slippers. They can be worn with short skirts which look elegant on

Mini-Film With An Agatha Christie Twist Promotes Charlotte Olympia Shoes

One does not usually associate 20th-century crime fiction writer Agatha Christie with shoes. But, the autumn 2011 shoe collection from Charlotte Olympia have been inspired by the detective fiction writer. Not just that, shoe designer Charlotte Dellal has admitted to being a huge Agatha Christie fan. And to give new expression to her new line

Jimmy Choo Evolve into a Lifestyle Luxury Brand, Launch Fragrance

Jimmy Choo has become synonymous with high end shoes for women. Almost everyone knows how they  became one of the most desired brands in a relatively short span of time. And now after establishing itself firmly in the shoe business they are evolving into a lifestyle luxury brand. And after 15 years in the shoe business