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Turkish Pesthemal Towels Recreate the Magic of Exotic Hamams

Traditional towels of Turkish baths known as hamam, are famous for their absorbing nature, for being lightweight, and  and their softness make your bath refreshing. Pesthemal is a handcrafted ethnic textile from different parts of Turkey handcrafted by skilled and experienced villagers. They are produced in traditional methods woven in hand looms with use of

David Beckham to Unveil His Own Brand of Underwear

As the Beckham couple is the wealthiest celebrity couple with the fortune of £165m, Soccer star wants to launch his own fashion bodywear collection for men and a perfume called Homme which would be released by the end of this year. The Beckham brand focuses on fashion and beauty products. If he models, it would

Chinese Yuppies Spend More, the Poor in China Get Jealous

Chinese young people are influenced by the American culture; believe that their contribution to China economy and the society is immense. The consumption of luxury goods among the young consumers reveals brand culture acceptance, and buying power. One could see the booming scene of luxury goods market, with the Chinese middle income group, for personal

Vintage Hermes Wallet Made of Alligator Skin Costs $2,000

This vintage Hermes wallet has to attract the attention of every man worth his piece of manhood. Branded leather wallets always make a fashion statement and never go out of style. An exotic-skinned accessory gives an air of luxury which also draws the attention of others. The wallet of alligator skin looks more attractive with

Zenga and Estee Lauder Sign Fragrance Agreement that’ll Benefit Both

The collaborations and partnerships in business are mutually beneficial and they survive as long as it benefits both the parties. In the luxury segment, the latest agreement has been signed between Estée Lauder Cos. and Ermenegildo Zegna Group. The agreement provides the Italian brand an alternative lucrative channel. And Estée Lauder gets the right to

Paisley Prints Sweatshirts by Japanese Brand Swagger Look Awesome

Japanese brand Swagger introduces the Spring/Summer 2011 collection in Red and blue paisley prints called “Notorious”.  The founders of swagger BIG-O, “IGGY” Iguchi, and Hidehiro are bringing the west coast of nineties back to the present. The collection features the iconic N.W.A. logo and Latino styling for this season. In spite of its love and

Gucci’s Woven Leather Holdall Brings Back the Androgyny

If you are a guy and were tired of carrying the same tote of clutch like every other guy does, and wanted a little more glamour, you should try and get yourself Gucci‘s Woven Leather Holdall ($4,700). It is one hell of a bag and can make you look pretty chic. The bag is made

Swarovski Elements Ropes In Top Designers For Crystal-Studded Menswear

Whoever said men don’t like bling have another think coming. Sure, bling may not be a conscious choice for most men, but Swarovski could be en route to changing that. In a world where stereotyping is becoming increasingly difficult, men might soon fall in love with crystal if the jewellery giant has its way. Swarovski