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McIntosh Introduces its New Lifestyle Focused Website at CES

McIntosh has long been in the business of providing top notch home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio products. At CES this year, its agenda wasn’t just restricted to their product lineup. Too woo the privileged section of the society they previewed their luxury-lifestyle oriented website at CES. The website will bestow an up close and personal

Birchbox Service Sends New Luxury Beauty Products To Your Doorstep

How will you feel if you receive a box full of new high-end luxury beauty products every month at your doorstep?  If you want to feel this joy, then simply subscribe to Birchbox service for just $10 per month.  Of course expect only generous sample packages of all the products carefully chosen for you according

Couture Fashion Week: Where the Future of Fashion Is Seen

Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City is world famous and never misses to grab the headlines. This time around, it was the venue for Couture Fashion Week New York where several international designers showed off the best of their designs. The designers included Jack Guisso from Lebanon, Marco Marcu from Germany, Siraj Sanad from Saudi

Antoine Arnault Takes Over Berluti, Bernard Moves Away

The man behind some of the world’s prestigious brands, Chief Executive and chairman, Bernard Arnault would move to make room for Antoine Arnault to take charge of the luxury footwear brand Berluti in the near future. Could the resigning of leadership position by Bernard Arnault is a sign of conflicts? The nick name “The Pope

Luxury Giants Burberry and Gucci Battle for Followers on Facebook

With the growing popularity of FaceBook one can notice luxury making a mark on the social network. It may surprise you to learn that Burberry‘s fans on FaceBook reached 3.2 million. However, competitors like Gucci are not far behind to tap the power of social media. Gucci, the fashion brand is not lagging behind and