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La Soiree des Grands Crus – The Splendid French Wine Party

Come December 27, and you can sample some of the best wines from France in New York. A team of Chateaux owners from Bordeaux are all set to display their prized collections from their personal vineyards. The event is scheduled to be held at New York’s 82 Mercer and is hugely being pitted to be

A Unique Ice Case to Chill Your Johnnie Walker Gold Label Whisky

While sipping your favorite whisky, you surely wouldn’t want to compromise on anything, be it the taste or the flavor. And like every true whisky lover, you would surely agree to the fact that the drink tastes best chilled. However, many a times it is difficult to find a cooler to chill it in, specially

Century Old Rolls Royce Picnic Set Up for Grabs

When was the last time you hurled up the family in your Rolls Royce and headed for a picnic? Picnics are steadily losing their charm, but someone who knows the beauty of this lovely outdoor activity, will always ensure to have at least one picnic a year. And if you are the kind who does,

White House Gingerbread Cake Looks Sumptuous and Mouth-watering

Different sizes and shapes of human figures, made of homemade fresh gingerbread has been a Christmas tradition. The 2010 white chocolate gingerbread White House unveiled by first lady Michelle Obama and Chef Bill Yosses looks astonishingly opulent. Executive pastry chef of the White House had used 350 pounds weighing Gingerbread to build the White House

World’s Most Expensive Tequila: Diamond Sterling Costs $3.5 Million

A distillery in Mexico has unveiled a tequila called the “The Diamond Sterling” which is being touted as the world’s most expensive. Hacienda La Capilla has created the ceramic bottle with 1.3 litre capacity, is coated with about 5lbs platinum and encrusted with 4000 diamonds weighing 328 carats. The globally renowned designer Fernando Altamirano, is

Oldest Champagne Found in Shipwreck Tastes Good, To Be Auctioned Soon

Deep sea divers have discovered some real vintage champagne bottles in the remains of shipwreck deep under the sea. According to the experts these 168 champagne bottles which were brought out to the surface seem to be dated back to early 19th century and could probably be world’s oldest champagne. The champagne has been tasted

Harrods’ Wine Store Gets Nouveau Champagne Section

The renovated and expanded wine shop of Harrods opened on Tuesday. The 7000 sq/ft space accommodates an aroma zone, tasting bar, events room and a fine wine vault. The section accommodates about 230 different champagnes showcased under bright lights. Alistair Viner will expand the wine range to almost 3000 lines. The spacious Enomatic area is

Bordeaux Giant Château Latour May Make Burgundy!

If you are familiar with French wine, you would know that Burgundy and Bordeaux wines never go hand in hand, and they are grown in the two eponymous regions of France. Each has its own charm, and those that like one usually does not like the other. Thus, it comes to us as a surprise

The Taj Mahal Hotel Prepares a Special Liquor Cabinet for Obama

Though President Obama isn’t one of those politicians like Boris Yeltsin who are known to ‘enjoy’ having a ‘few’ sips of alcohol, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, where the U.S. Commander-In-Chief is going to stay has prepared a special liquor cabinet. Considering he is the most powerful man on earth, only the best