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Nendo Unveils the Abstract and Luxurious Scatter Shelf

Scatter shelf is created from the design studio Nendo in Japan. It is a storage shelf in the form of grid. This shelf is composed of black acrylic in five mm, in three layers

Coban Buffet by Scott Friedman Has a Masculine and Rugged Appearance

Would you like to store your glassware and chinaware in a brilliantly crafted, compartment of sturdy oak? Designer Scott Friedman’s Coban Buffet, is a fine piece of beauty, and looks surprisingly impressive. The crafted

Karin Fainas Unveils Luxury Kennels for Dogs that Cost $21,000

Karin Fainas has created a range of grand kennels which are similar to the expensive urban houses along with canopy bed. The owner of the dog could purchase designer residence which would cost $21,000.

BeefEater Barbecues Unveils 24 Carat Device Sure to Attract Kidnappers

Let us say you have a lot of money to throw around, and also had this weird fetish to be kidnapped and murdered for all your wealth. That is actually pretty easy, especially if

Homemade Soaps Bring Back the Allure of a Decadent and Langorous Bath

If once you use homemade soaps with essential oils, you would never wish to buy commercialized soap bars ever again. The five oz handmade soap bars could be recommended for those who have acne

Turkish Pesthemal Towels Recreate the Magic of Exotic Hamams

Traditional towels of Turkish baths known as hamam, are famous for their absorbing nature, for being lightweight, and  and their softness make your bath refreshing. Pesthemal is a handcrafted ethnic textile from different parts

Omer Arbel Explores Glass Making to Create Glass Sphere Chandeliers

A machine made mass produced glass bulb can never match the natural beauty of a blown, handmade glass sphere. Omer Arbel’s 28th design project, a unique chandelier is a case in point. It is

‘Diamonds From Amsterdam’ To Light Up Your Home

In recent times, we have seen plenty of lighting ideas that seem completely out of the box.  One case in point was the see-through fireplace designed by Heat & Glo, which was inspired by

5.5 Designers Create Gorgeous Radiators for Saazs

Design is about making an everyday utility product beautiful. We know it is not the season to talk about heaters but 5.5 Designers have designed such a beautiful line of heaters that you simply

Hermes Launches Store in the Middle East with three Brands in Tableware and Home Decor

Hermes has been present in the Middle East through a partnership with Sarya for over ten years now. Hermes has achieved the status of the preferred brand with the Royalty in the region and