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Neville Johnson Showcases State of the Art Furniture

Neville Johnson is committed to provide highest quality, fitted furniture which is handcrafted to maximize the available space. The concept of versatile furniture by Neville Johnson  make them  one of the best consultants to meet your ideas with ideal designs, content, layout, ideal materials to transform your room design, from seating to storage. Your spare

Learn About Whales at the Luxurious Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Whale Shark is the world’s largest fish of all the species. If you like these beautiful animals, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hosts the research programme of whale shark of Maldives through February. You could join skilled persons in this field with charitable research organization for diving excursion or a snorkeling. If this month it is

Claudio D’Amore Unveils Arc Shaped Chair Kosha

The arc shaped chair Kosha is handcrafted using thirty three strips of wood, which are assembled with great precision. It is designed by Claudio D’Amore, Swiss-Italian based designer. The lovely form is harmoniously blended with art and design. Kosha word itself suggests sheath or protective sheath. The original innovative comfortable chair with unique functionality offers

Brondell Unveils Bathroom Products Fit for Royalty

At last year’s CES, Brondell had presented the award winning bathroom products through a selected magazine. This year Brondell is back to exhibit advanced toilet seats with a new and trendy bathroom technology.  San Francisco based Brondell has hit the market with advanced product line of bidet toilet seats, deodorizer, warmed seats which reflect brand’s

Monaco Moon Jellies in LED Aquarium: The Latest Seduction Statement

Moon jellies are the latest fashion trend in fish tanks. The soothing movements and mesmerizing forms of their bodies make an art of living work. The exotic jellyfish can be an ornamental piece on your desk. As they have translucent bodies they look absolutely amazing with fading LEDs shining through them, which transform your jellyfish

Esedra Creations Help Create Private Zones in Minimal Spaces

Creativity is the key factor in houses with minimal space. Esedra Lab offers its customers a complete collection of decorative demarcations when privacy is needed. The designers of Esedra lab have used Chorex which is waterproof and long lasting for generations, resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents. Esedra creations offer a wide range of graphic

Luxury Skull Shaped Archer Adams Umbrellas Will Ward Off Winter Rain Gloom

People think carrying umbrella is an un-cool thing as there are always raincoats. Malfunctioning umbrella sometime annoys turning upward direction or sometimes won’t open at all. Still there are some umbrella lovers who find the age-old umbrella convenient. You could see many umbrella makers with wide range of them such as monsoon umbrella beach umbrella,

Elegant Linens Unveil Uber-chic Winter Collection for 2011

Sleeping is the most awaited moment in everyday’s life. So for this great moment, transform your bedroom with smooth and soft bedding which would be irresistibly cozy and warm. Be ready to combat this winter with Elegant Linens as the winter is predicted to be very harsh this year. Elegant Linens simplifies your pursue for

Chic Porche Car-shaped Ice Cube Trays Make Parties Real Fun

  The Porsche Design website has launched an unusual product in the name of ice cube trays. If you are obsessed with Porsche brand, you could get the ice cubes in frozen version of Cayman, 911, Panamera, and Cayenne. It is a trick to make even children well acquainted about the brands’ models in ice

Nendo Unveils the Abstract and Luxurious Scatter Shelf

Scatter shelf is created from the design studio Nendo in Japan. It is a storage shelf in the form of grid. This shelf is composed of black acrylic in five mm, in three layers and somewhat little displaced. The shelf arranged in stakes has very sturdy structure. When the objects are placed on the shelf