Caliber V1 Time Piece Comes with Openwork Movement Mechanism

The best watch makers unique designs become instant classics, which look good on anyone with true luxury components. High-end watches will have complex mechanical movements while in operation. Such watches will have perpetual calendars, multiple time zones, chronographs, moon phases etc. High-end watches are handmade with assembly work by masters of makers with exotic materials ranging from unique alloys to expensive stones.

A good wrist watches tell more than time such as precision, skill and delicacy. French designer Vangarde has created watch with expertise and unique design skill.  Vangarde has stepped into the world of art designing wristwatches. His first watch Tempo Theroie is the amalgamation of elegance, good craftsmanship, intricate mechanism with elaborate design, and complex relationship between movement, energy and components. It is an attempt to create a masterpiece.

Caliber V1 Time piece with an openwork movement mechanism is the first of its kind. The case is made in galvanized steel. It has encrusted twenty nine jewels. The skeleton of the watch with its complexity is entirely made visible. The mechanism based on the improved version of 7750 model. The watch is made in Switzerland, features a power reserve of forty eighty hours which is desirable for sports persons.

There is a blend of three aluminum hands which displays multiple dials with power reserve level, hours and dates. It is a limited edition with 88 units which are numbered on back of the case. You could make larger collection with Vangarde’s art piece. The tempo theroie watch is priced at €4,850.



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