Cadillac Announces Three New Models in its XTS Lineup

Cadillac has announced the expansion of the 2013 XTS platform and has announced three different models of new specialty vehicles developed on the same platform. They are offering a livery sedan, limousine and a hearse that they call a funeral coach. The livery sedan is built completely in the General Motors factory. It has added luxury features compared to the standard model. It boasts of an air-leveling rear suspension, heated rear seats, and both side and rear window shades. The new model has a tri-zone climate control unit that keeps you comfortable even if it is a long ride to or from the airport. This model has been developed as a livery car that is more than a taxi.

The Bodies of Limousine and the Hearse Will be Built Outside

The XTS limousine is more suited when you are moving with a group of friends. This model as well as the hearse are not built completely in the GM factory. They have selected a group of Professional Vehicle companies who work under the direction and specifications of General Motors. David Caldwell, the spokesman of Cadillac explained that it is they who determine what type of specialty bodies can be developed that can be supported by the platform. They also specify the amount of stretch that is feasible on the platform. The specialty vehicle bodies are not built in-house but outsourced to these selected aftermarket companies who specialize in this. The numbers expected to be built are not very large and so it makes sense to not invest in the new infrastructure.

The Pricing is Likely to be Decided on Case to Case Basis

The details about the interiors and its features have not been disclosed at the moment. Even the pricing has not been mentioned in the press release. It is possible that instead of going for a standard pricing the final price will be worked out after the client decides on the features he wants in the vehicle. The company has made a conscious decision to offer the Livery Package with a bit more luxury inside. They have made a conscious decision knowing full well that it will limit the volume. Their approach is to go for quality over quantity because that’s how they want to position their brand. If they can persist with this approach it will surely pay off in the long run.

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