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Brondell Unveils Bathroom Products Fit for Royalty

At last year’s CES, Brondell had presented the award winning bathroom products through a selected magazine. This year Brondell is back to exhibit advanced toilet seats with a new and trendy bathroom technology.  San Francisco based Brondell has hit the market with advanced product line of bidet toilet seats, deodorizer, warmed seats which reflect brand’s commitment to environmental awareness, quality and design. The company offers cleanliness and comforts to the old and young alike, setting a new measure for personal hygiene and luxury in the bathroom.

In high tech toiletry, the Swash 1000 is a greatest innovation in bidet toilet seats which is enjoyable and more hygienic and sustainable as America itself uses 34,000,000 rolls per day.  It is comfortable to use heated toilet seat and easy to install also. The butt-cleaning water’s temperature could be adjusted from thirty two centigrade to thirty eight centigrade. The angle and width could be controlled. You could make it oscillate in a massage mode. The tucked jet into the seat would pop out when it is needed, and it is sterile with a nano-coating. There’s a second jet to clean soft parts, a deodorizer activated with charcoal catalyst wall,   a built in air dryer as well as a remote control which operates all these functions.

You need certain amount of power for the seat/water heating and drier using. The cheaper version, Swash Ecoseat 100 is of electricity-free but you will have to cease heating altogether for the winter. There is an “eco-mode”, which gushes uneasy cold water. But one could stop purchasing toilet papers often. The high-end Swash 1000, with butt-cleansing heated water jets cost you $600, while the cheaper, Ecoseat 100 is priced at $179.



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