Bottega Veneta Men’s Fall Winter 2012 – 2013 Collection Introduced

The fashion house, Bottega Veneta has introduced the collection of Men’s Fall-Winter 2012/2013, which are sensuously, intensely designed with personal touch which gives self-assured, composed and sophisticated look for the customerBottega Veneta is known to use the highest quality materials, contemporary functionality, innovative design, and outstanding craftsmanship. It is also known that the brand has different approaches for winter season, with exploration of new looks in designing both uppers and lowers.

Creative Director, Tomas Maier explains that each proportion must be perfectly adjusted in fine tune with the length of jacket and breadth of shoulder, depending on the individual interpretation, flying length and sleeve’s width and shoe’s shape. With narrow shoulders, tapered sleeves, jackets are close to the body and the leg looks elongated with the pants cuts where the shoes are the essential constituent for the look. Over all, shape is long, lean, straight silhouette in accurate proportion.

Bottega Veneta presents a collection that contrasts surface treated lavishly layered over with geometric patterns, materials mixed together, cut apart, patched, and reformed. In the end, shirt stripes, checks, linen- cotton twill, to give Irish tweed look, knits and bleached printed denim to make pattern and print imprecise surface. Bottega Veneta has explored geometric designs in the collection, and models were donned skinny trousers paired with silver shirts tightly wrapped and accented shirt collars. The outerwear garments are traditional and masculine sports jackets and leather coats used for the winter season.

The look of each theme conveys an emphasized, dark range of colors in blue-green Bering, tourmaline, navy, espresso, and black. Deep shades of gray, plum, and maroon adds neutrality where as gray-beige offers contrast.  The soft, roomy bags, with Sharp, slim ties to increased vertical outline along with long and high, shoes, with mixtures of colors and materials.

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