Bob’s Watches Lets You Buy Pre-Owned Rolex Watches at Amazing Prices

Rolex is one brand that makes any watch enthusiast drool. Everybody wants one, but alas everybody can’t have one.  But Bob’s Watches serves as a platform for Rolex owners to sell off their used models and for others to finally get their hands on or rather on their hands, a much coveted Rolex without spending a fortune. Bob’s Watches is the only Pre-Owned Rolex e-commerce company in the world right now and has already created a name for itself. On the website you can see the current buying and selling price of each model, which helps customers get the best deal possible.


Authenticity is a concern for every customer shopping online. At Bob’s Watches one can be sure that genuine top quality product will be sold. They also have all the watches displayed in stock. So you won’t have to wait endlessly for them to source it. Another obvious concern with pre-owned product is the level of wear and tear. One would not want to order a snazzy Rolex timepiece and end up with an ancient watch that doesn’t even work. The experts at Bob’s Watches make sure that all the watches are restored to mint condition. So they will work and look as good as new. What is also great is the amazing range that the website showcases. You can even get vintage Rolex watches in mint condition for as low as $5,000! It doesn’t get better than that. Just to give you an idea, a vintage Baguette Diamond Cosmograph by Rolex was auctioned off for a cool $ 315,000.


One of the most popular Rolex series is the Submariner. To own a new Submariner, you will ideally have to shell out around ten grand. But at Bob’s Watches, you will be able to get one for almost half that price. It’s definitely a steal. And in case you want to sell one, the website has an interesting feature, which lets you type the production year and serial number of your Rolex watch and see what it’s currently worth. It is not hard to see why Better Business Bureau has accredited Bob’s Watches with an A+ rating.

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