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Bespoke Montblanc Pens to Offer Better Writing Instruments

Montblanc pens offer a new service which is customised according to the preference of the writer. It is designed to identify the writing of a person and also recognises the size of the nib for his writing. It is one of its kinds among fountain pens. Montblanc pens are manufactured in Hamburg,  Germany.

You will have to sit in front of a computer, with a writing tablet on which special sheets of paper are placed. The writing will be digitized on the computer through software. It will find out how hard the writing is, and the angles made with the pen. When you write, the way you’re lifting the pen off the paper is also recognised. Thus you can analyse your own handwriting. Depending on what the computer says, a bespoke nib would be designed for you in gold.

These nibs are of solid gold with ends of complex metal alloy. It will last for decades in spite of constant use. The nib’s size ranges from extra fine and bold which will make thick lines with ink.

It personalises the size and shape particular to your writing style. You can have personalised stamps in gold as you like. It would cost about 600 euros. If you want to get it done with new pens extra charges have to be paid for the service. The technicians are being trained to offer services in Montblanc boutiques.

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