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Bespoke Luxury Takes Off in the Indian Market

A Particular style and various fabrics are now being asked by Indian customers. For Indians ‘bespoke’ is not new. Since ages, their apparels’ are personalised and made to order according to different sizes and shapes. Bespoke theme can be found in every item, right from apparel, furniture, watch, food, jewellery and monograms.

The head of Dia Precious Jewellery, Jay  Makhijani  was requested by a customer, to get his Piaget watch done with  a Ganesha dial  in India. Bag with the initials inscribed by Louis Vuitton or Patchi, a chocolate brand of Lebanese flavours, shape and packaging to the preference of the client are just examples.

It is been admitted by Abhay Gupta of Blues Clothing Company who represents Versace in India, that in his luxury furniture store, having taken order for furniture with non-leather material in the place of leather furniture by one of the customers. Thus, it needs to be seen how far the bespoke arena would actually venture into the Indian luxe market. In my opinion, it could go as far as the Southern suburbs of Bombay and Delhi, and remain there but not beyond them!

Here is an interesting view of bespoke fashion in India.

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