Bentley Collaborates with Royal College of Art to Woo Women Customers

Bentley, the British luxury car maker is collaborating with London’s Royal College of Art for the first time to create inspirational designs for women in a unique project. Seventeen students from the college had spent time going through the work of Bentley’s leading designers and finally three have been shortlisted for a specific design brief based on three travel products for women: a Car coat – three-quarter length travel coat; Footwear – driving shoe; Weekend overnight bag. The lucky students are Rebecca Thomson (car coat); Louise van Hauen (weekend bag) and Alvaro Gonzalez (driving shoes).

Christine Gaskell, Bentley board member for HR was very happy with the experiment as it combines the best of design in both the luxury car and the fashion worlds. Bentley realizes the importance of appealing to their female customers with exciting new designs in both our cars and branded goods. They are very well aware of the importance of its female customers and the discerning influence they bring to bear. Bentley has always stood for the best in quality materials, design technology, style and sophistication. The RCA students were able to catch the essence of the Bentley philosophy very well.

Robin Page Head of Interior Design at the luxury car maker and Senior Designer Brett Boydell are responsible for refining the designs made by the students and producing prototypes based on them for display at the end of the summer term. The Bentley designers have been more than satisfied with the work done by the students. They acknowledged that the overall standard was very high. Professor Wendy Dagworthy, head of the college was equally excited by the opportunity the students got and was sure that the experience will help each one of them in building a professional career in the fashion industry.

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