BeefEater Barbecues Unveils 24 Carat Device Sure to Attract Kidnappers

Let us say you have a lot of money to throw around, and also had this weird fetish to be kidnapped and murdered for all your wealth. That is actually pretty easy, especially if you go ahead and get yourself this handmade and 24 carat gold plated barbecue. It is being touted as the world’s most expensive barbecue and would cost $165,000. It is being produced by Australian firm BeefEater Barbecues.

It is also being touted as the ‘ultimate in backyard bling’ and I would say, it is also the ‘ultimate in attracting kidnappers’. The device comes with six-burner barbecue and wok burner, quartz start ignition, warming rack, roasting hood, high-output burners and vaporiser grid. You can literally burn your money with this barbecue, and the moment someone sees this barbecue blinging its way in the sun, I am pretty sure the same night you could expect to be locked up in a speeding van and carried away along with your barbecue plated in gold.

Nothing would happen to the barbecue of course, but your kidnappers would surely shut your mouth by making sure you don’t have a tongue, or by making sure you don’t have a head from which you could speak, securely attached to your neck. Buying blingy stuff is one thing, but being stupidly and morbidly co-dependent on kidnappers and murderers is something else. If you died after buying this, make sure your loved ones have these bling lamps to light your room in your memory. So go ahead, and try a bit of attention calling.

Via: daily Mail

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